Service Updates

Porting Your Mobile Number

To port your mobile number across we will need the ICCID code from the back of the SIM card. Typically this is an 18-22 digit code.

There's a couple of ways of getting this code:

  1. Simply remove the SIM card from the phone and send it to us (along with the phone number too so it doesn't get mixed up with other applications)
  2. If you're using an Android device you can install the SIM Card reader (link below) and this will provide the ICCID code for any SIMs installed in the phone without having to remove them

Let us know the phone number and the ICCID associated with it when you have time, thanks.

Your New SIM

You¡ll receive your new SIM card just before it's due to be activated. We'd suggest waiting until your existing SIM is unable to connect to the network before putting the new SIM in your phone as then it will connect. If you put the new SIM in before your old SIM has been cancelled it will be unlikely to connect to the network.

What Our Customers Think...

  • Everything We Need
    Geoff, Tenerife We got the TV & Internet package from Tenerife Telecom and are very happy.
  • Taking The Plunge
    Dave, Andalucia After years with Movistar we changed providers and should have done this years ago.
  • Happy Bunny
    Brian, Fuerteventura We saved 40 Euros a month just by switching, thanks for that!
  • Super Fast
    Sarah, Tenerife Thanks for getting my SIM card to me so fast, really appreciated.
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