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Our Pocket Wifi Router

This is a battery powered pocket size router that's perfect for those that travel or only need WiFi.

An Overview Of The Router

The first thing is the lights on the router itself:


The first light is for the battery, that is usually purple (full charge) or blue (OK but not fully charged) and red (needs to be charged).

Wi-Fi Signal:

If this is flashing it means nothing is connected and it's available to connect to. If it's a contstant blue this means that something is connected, usually your phone or another device that has been setup to connect.

4G Signal:

If this is red and flashing it means the router is connecting to the cell tower and "polling" (sending login details).

It should turn constant green once connected and you can connect a device to it and use the Internet.


If the device's 4G signal continually flashes red and does not turn green this means it needs to be authorised to use the available 4G signal.

To do this use a phone (ideal) or any wireless device to connect to the router using wireless. It will likely say "Connected but no Internet" please force the phone to use this connection as we need to connect to the router and insert the SIM card's PIN number. The SSID is normally "Tenerife-Telecom-4G-xx" (xx = a number allocated to THAT router).

  1. Open a browser and put “” into the address bar
  2. You'll be asked to insert the SIM Card's PIN
  3. Insert your SIM Card's PIN code

You'll also be asked to login to the router's admin page but you actually don't need to.

At this point the router's 4G signal will flash red a few more times and should turn green.

If it doesn't, just get in touch and we'll help.

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    Geoff, Tenerife We got the TV & Internet package from Tenerife Telecom and are very happy.
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    Dave, Andalucia After years with Movistar we changed providers and should have done this years ago.
  • Happy Bunny
    Brian, Fuerteventura We saved 40 Euros a month just by switching, thanks for that!
  • Super Fast
    Sarah, Tenerife Thanks for getting my SIM card to me so fast, really appreciated.
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